Frequently Asked Questions

1What does Prism Virtual Professionals Services do?
PRISM VP Solutions offers complete virtual professionals services that alleviates entrepreneurs and companies from repetitive tasks and solve hurdles for our clients and business owners. Business scale-up is made possible through our VAs, who are hands-on and takes care of many things on our clients' plate. We ensure that our business owners have ample time to think and focus on business goals and put value in increasing revenue.
2How Do Prism Virtual Professionals Services differ from other providers?
PRISM VP Solutions is a group of tenured VAs skilled in E-commerce, Sales, Healthcare, Real Estate, and Marketing. The growing demand to hire different niches in the country has been the most sought support in Central America and Canada. Integrity and Professionalism is the trademark of the company in which many business entrepreneurs highly trust VAs with these core values. SOS is the perfect partner for Small to Large scale business set up as it enables all clients to focus on their business growth and scale.
3How do we choose the right Virtual Professionals for you?
PVP will ask you questions about your business and which tasks you wish to be completed along with the number of hours the tasks need to be completed. Vas will be chosen based on the answers provided by the client. Prior to starting the tasks, a phone call or video call between you and the chosen Virtual Professionals will be arranged so can that both can be acquainted with each other and for the chosen Virtual Professionals to have first-hand information about how the client would require the tasks done and all other requirements needed in order to complete the tasks. If the client feels that the Virtual Professionals assigned to their company doesn’t feel right for the job, PVP will gladly replace and choose another possible match.
4How much does it cost to hire a Virtual Professionals?
The rates may vary according to the scope of services required by the client. We offer various packages in which clients can choose from. Virtual Professionals can be hired for 20 hours/week (part-time) or 40 hours/week (full time).
5What is the payment setup?
After you have signed the contract with Prism Virtual Professional Services, you are required to pay a deposit fee. Once this has been paid, the recruiting process begins. As soon as a Virtual Professionals has been chosen, we will arrange a weekly scheduled payment process which can be made through credit card or direct bank transfer. When the weekly scheduled payments have been set-up successfully, payment will be auto-debited on a weekly basis unless otherwise specified.
6How long does it take to get a Virtual Professionals on board?
We carefully select a Virtual Professionals that would perfectly match your requirements. If you are in need of a General Virtual Professionals, this would take just 5-7 days. But, for Technical Virtual Professionals, this would take a little longer.
7How would I know if the Virtual Professionals chosen is the perfect match?
Once we have selected the Virtual Professionals for your company, PVP will arrange a virtual meeting via Zoom or whichever video conferencing platform you prefer. If, for any reason you feel that the chosen Virtual Professionals is not the right person to do the job, we can provide you with other candidates for interview.
8Is there a limit in the number of Virtual Professionals to be hired?
There is absolutely no problem hiring more than one Virtual Professionals. We know that there might be more tasks that need to be accomplished and we will gladly provide you the number of Virtual Professionals that you need.
9Is it possible to change the chosen Virtual Professionals?
It is important to us that you are satisfied with the work provided to you by our Virtual Professionals. Thus, if you feel the need to change the Virtual Professionals assigned to your company, we can help you find a replacement as soon as possible. Should this happen, we offer three replacement options:
  • Virtual Professionals will continue working until we find a replacement.
  • Virtual Professionals will immediately stop working and wait for a replacement, with a consideration of pausing payment until we have found a replacement to continue the tasks left by the previous Virtual Assistant.
  • We will delegate a substitute to complete the tasks while waiting for a new Virtual Professionals.
10How do I monitor my Virtual Professional's progress?
All our Virtual Professionals have been instructed to provide a daily work report where they will list all the tasks that they have worked each day and to report any issues that may cause interruption in accomplishing their tasks.
11What if my Virtual Professionals calls in sick?
If your Virtual Professionals suddenly becomes sick, you may request for a temporary replacement or let the Virtual Professionals makeup for days of lost work and accomplish the tasks on different days.
12How is confidential information handled by Virtual Professionals?
Our Virtual Professionals have signed a confidential agreement to ensure the safety and privacy of all companies being handled under PRISM VP Solutions. They have been informed not to discuss work-related details unless with the client and the team.
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